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Purple Epoxy

Services Offered

Initial Software Selection and Implementation

For new dispensaries to avoid common mistakes and select and implement software to set your store up for success.

Existing Software Assessment and Recommendation

For existing dispensaries to determine which software will be best for how they operate, what the improvement would be and what it would take to switch

Software Transition Support

For existing dispensaries that are switching to new software and want to ensure it's done smoothly, efficiently and compliantly.

Inventory Analysis and Improvement Plan

For existing dispensaries to improve the quality of their inventory and implement appropriate quality control measures ensuring compliance or for new dispensaries to implement a quality controlled inventory management plan from the start making compliance a no-brainer.

Website Development

For new and existing dispensaries that want a website that is easy to find, use and order from to increase revenue.

Marketing and Promotions

For new and existing dispensaries to develop a marketing plan and create promotions that will keep your customers coming back and attract new ones.

Analytics and Insights implementation

For new and existing dispensaries to implement data analytics to monitor and improve operations continually.

License Application Support

For dispensary license applicants that need help with part or all of their application.

Training and SOPs

For new and existing dispensaries implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) including documentation and training.

Inventory and Data Cleanup

For existing dispensaries that need their inventory standardized and data cleaned up possibly due to multiple POS switchovers in the past.

Purple Epoxy

Social Equity Matters

We care about being a part of reversing the wrongs caused by the war on drugs and offer reduced pricing for social equity businesses.

How do we do it?

Project Plan Overview

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