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Dina Nagib

Founder & Principal Consultant




Dina has spent most of her career in pharmaceuticals and biotech. After graduating with a BS in Biology from UCSD, she started an 11-year career at Vertex Pharmaceuticals where she led Compound Management teams. This role required achieving excellence in managing an inventory of compounds, implementing quality control processes and developing software to support automation equipment and the entire regulated operation. She also spent time at a biotech startup supporting customers in both a field scientist role and as the product manager for software utilized in regulated environments. 


After 15 years in the biotech space, Dina decided to take her knowledge and expertise and apply it to the rapidly expanding cannabis industry to ensure dispensaries maintain the high level of quality required to propel their success in the industry. Over the past few years, she has helped numerous dispensaries transition to new software and increase the efficiency of their operations. In addition, Dina wrote a successful dispensary license application in Illinois. More recently, she has consulted on multiple Social Equity projects including a large vertical operation and early stage dispensary planning and development.


Dina is incredibly passionate about cannabis and uses it both medically and recreationally. Due to her science background, she researches various cannabinoids and utilizes them to enhance her health including healing from surgeries. After using it for all of her adult life instead of alcohol without facing any legal penalties, Dina recognizes her privilege and wants to help those who did face legal penalties or were negatively affected by the war on drugs. Social Equity is critical to the cannabis industry and it's something she prioritizes in business.

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