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Reefer Madness the Musical

Reefer Madness....Reefer Madness!! If you've seen the show that will probably trigger the song getting stuck back in your head again. You're welcome 😊

Over the weekend I made the trek up to Hollywood to meet up with a lovely group of people, Brian Holler, Chris Carroll, Sheba Khodadad, for dinner, many Js, and to watch the outstanding show Reefer Madness The Musical.

I saw the original propaganda film in college when I took a cult film class and recently watched the movie musical starring Kristen Bell and Alan Cumming so I was ready to experience the musical live and boy did it not disappoint! It was intimate and immersive and the actors were all excellent. As a dancer, I was really excited to see some jaw-dropping dance numbers and also laughed a lot.

Everything was really well thought out and there were lots of different seating options including cabaret tables where you could enjoy dinner and drinks during the show. Some people even sat at a soda fountain that was included in some of the scenes. The actors escorted those people to seats on the stages when the main soda fountain scene was taking place. And they broke the fourth wall so you're really in it!

After the show they have the Reefer Den next door where you can hang and grab a drink or meander out to the parking lot area where smoking is allowed.

Shoutout to Amirose Eisenbach who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year at a women's event she co-hosted. It's really cool to have a member of our community be so intimately involved in communicating this message to a current audience. Congratulations on retelling this story in such a cool, new way!

I had so much fun.


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