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Why work with a consultant

Working with a good consultant isn't cheap so why spend the money?

MSOs have the resources to hire leadership with expertise in many areas. They will typically have a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who spends time in the cannabis tech space and is up-to-date on the best solutions and how to implement them correctly. Using tech for this example since that's my area of focus.

Smaller operators can't (and shouldn't) dedicate full-time resources to technology so it's important to rely on well-connected people to guide on an as-needed basis. Good consultants spend the time and build relationships that can give smaller operators the leg up they need to be successful.

They've done it before. Sometimes in other industries which brings an interesting perspective. They also work with and have close relationships with similar businesses, giving you access to a broader network of knowledge and opportunities for collaboration.

Cannabis is new. No one has done it all and not many have done it before, which makes being part of a network connected to industry leaders even more important. And cannabis is constantly changing. Not only does it give you access to important industry news but operational strategies being pioneered that change the game.

Consultants can help get you better pricing. From knowing the pricing options and where there is room to negotiate to securing special pricing for their clients, you pay a consultant but they can often get you money back.

Relationships matter. Service providers respect good consultants, and the relationship between the two is important to both. This can elevate the experience you will have with service providers and you should feel at ease with an extra level of support.

Every state is different. If you are looking to expand outside of the state you are operating in, it's going to be completely different and consultants can help guide you through this process and also select states that make the most sense for expansion.

The more people on your side the better. Consultants should only care about one thing, what is best for the client. When the client wins, the consultant wins. Having someone on your side when you are going through business changes is going to ensure those changes are successful.


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